Enjoy Your Body and Get Rid of Dieting for good!

by Jane Bernard

Intuition is not a way of thinking. It's a natural way of being tuned in to your self that makes smart choices a priority. Ignoring it is a habit that keeps you out of touch with your body.

Jane reveals 10 Intuitive tools that guide you to know your natural boundaries. Your intuitive connection feels like an inner sense of direction, a gentle surge of energy you recognize as being sync with yourself. With these intuitive tools, you become clear about what makes sense and feels good. You feel confident. The benefit of intuitive eating is a long term reality.

Every time you eat, you lay the foundation for your future. Beyond losing or gaining weight, eating connects with personal satisfaction, physical comfort, and energy you need to deal with stress. Eating impacts everything including your sex drive, the color of your skin, and how clear your thinking is. Being an intuitive eater puts you in control of your eating and your Life.

Intuitive Eating puts an end to the relentless cycle of overeating, guilt and deprivation. Losing weight isn’t the focus - instead weight loss comes because you learn how to have a healthy, balanced, intuitive relationship with food. Stop yo-yo dieting and lose weight for good.

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