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"Your words moved me ~ inspired me ~ gave me hope. I am certainly at a crossroads, and meeting you, reading your book ~ it was like you handed me a map."
- Leah Johnson, San Francisco, CA

"I have read it 5 times and always, finding something applicable to help me through that day, week. Unknown to them, it has helped my family as I am not such an insecure nervous wreck. You have zeroed in on paper what I could never express in my heart."
- Barbara Carter, Scarsdale, NY

"Primarily dealing with the 'self,' this book is an essential guide for the allowance of the true self in our lives. I am pleased to write that your writing style is with wit and candor and an allowance for the reader to journey with freedom through the pages. You give room to pause and reflect ~ a necessity."
- Jean Posner, M.D., Neuropsychiatry, Baltimore, MD

" reminded me of Seat of the Soul, but with more humor, intimacy and therefore more accessibility."
- Judith Garfinkel, The Mead School, Greenwich, CT

BOOK REVIEW by Denise Cassino
FINE TUNING - Connecting With Your Inner Power
by Jane Bernard

Jane Bernard has created an inspiring work of art with Fine Tuning the Senses. This book, written in a unique style is designed to encourage the reader to re-think his life, his thinking and his behavior. The premise is that we are all mired in the ruts of daily life, having forgotten how to use all of our senses to experience life. In using those senses, we enable our sixth sense, that of intuition, to come forth and guide us. The book reminds us of what living should be, it inspires the reader to free himself from the bonds that tie him to a life devoid of joy and strong emotions, a life that most of us live, going from day to day, focused on the task at hand, oblivious to what are senses could be experiencing, from passionate love, to intense involvement with others or with the things we enjoy. This is the kind of book one returns to over and over again, each time discovering something new and appropriate to the moment. Keep this book by your bedside and pick it up whenever life seems to need a kick in the pants.

A note from Jane Bernard:

Although my graduate degree is in Special Education, I have been a professional writer for twenty-five years. I have worked with autistic children who were desperately struggling to communicate, and I had to help them tune into their selves and I worked with brain damaged and emotionally disturbed children who were handicapped because their perceptions were warped.

My first 'creative' job was for E.D.I. (Educational Design, Inc, NYC), an educational thinktank, where I oversaw and developed a multimedia approach to education that has been implemented all over the country. One of my earliest writing jobs was as an in-house communications expert for a large corporation in NYC called, The INTERWAY Corporation. My role was to listen to the problems and needs of one department and then to explain them to another department so that these needs could be met. Doing this, I learned to trust my intuition because the language was generally technical while the needs to communicate were human.

From 1990 until 1998 I conducted monthly creative writing workshops where I developed techniques for accessing the intuitive. The workshops were for short stories, theatrical scripts and screenplays. Developing characters and creating emotion in stories is done most effectively through accessing the intuitive. Writers suffering from "writer's block" who attended my workshops left feeling tuned in.

As a writing professor at The Bank Street College, Manhattanville College and S.U.N.Y., I was able to incorporate the insights of Fine Tuning in my college, graduate school and writing workshops. By teaching students how to access their hearts, I was able to guide them through mazes of writing blocks. Originally students started writing believing that they must follow certain formats to reach certain conclusions. Because the writing students listened to their intellects, they ended up writing uninspired and unconvincing work. I made it a rule of thumb to not accept any papers that a student didn't feel passionately about. Using this approach, students would write about their passions and their fears, and through this technique, they were able to tap into their hearts and ultimately able to write exciting, convincing, stimulating and intelligent papers.

Unfortunately the inhibiting approach of my students is often how we deal with all aspects of our lives. We believe certain behavior patterns are expected of us and that we must follow certain paths to achieve accepted goals. We are generally ruled by our fears. As a result of these beliefs, we ignore our intuition and lock ourselves into patterns that ultimately are unfulfilling.

Using the techniques I developed as a writing professor to help my students tune into their inspiration, each of us is able to step out of the constraints of our fears and life conditioning and learn to listen to our heart. With relatively simple steps, Fine Tuning is able to help people unlock their hearts and give them courage to trust their intuition.

Throughout this time I have written screenplays, theatrical scripts, shortstories and essays- some have been published or produced. I continue to work re-writing scripts, speeches and ghost writing books. I have learned that our innate honesty is the part of ourselves that gives us our inner voice, and the inner voice is our intuitive connection. As a result of our efforts to conform, we shut down our intuition and build an isolating wall around ourselves that I call The Ivory Tower. But, that is another story.

Enjoy Fine Tuning.

Please feel free to e-mail me any questions or comments. I promise to respond.


Author, Jane Bernard
Author, Jane Bernard

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Jane Bernard teaches "Fine Tuning the Senses for Writing", and "Write-On", rewriting as an art, on-line where she is a member of the faculty of the LongStoryShort Writing School:


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